spring is coming!

Spring in Wisconsin.  Ain’t it wonderful?  Two weeks ago, it was shorts weather and this past weekend it snowed 4 inches.  But I know that spring is coming.

For proof, I have yellow and purple crocuses up and blooming– they did a bit better in the snow under the garden cloche that I bought this winter– and even those that were uncovered did ok— but looking at the crocuses under the cloche with snow all around them is very cool– like looking through a greenhouse window. 

I know that a lot of people prefer purple and white crocus– they are definitely more subtle.  I greatly prefer golden yellow crocuses.  They are bright and cheerful, after a very long winter, I’m ready for some color.  Plus they are easier to see from the house windows than their darker relatives.  And the white ones make me think of snow, which I am definitely over.

Speaking of snow, and how boring white flowers are, the snowdrops (galanthus nivalis) are up, thank goodness.  Having just said I don’t love white flowers, snowdrops are one of my favorites, and I think that love of a plant is always inversely proportionate to its willingness to grow for you.  My secretary mentioned that she didn’t care for snowdrops because they “seeded themselves everywhere.”  Having planted about 300-400 bulbs and seen about 20 blooming flowers, they are not nearly as obliging for me.  I’ll keep planting them, I just love their dangling white bells with the tips of green.  I love green flowers, and these are by far the earliest bloomers here on the prairie.

The tulips, hyacinths and daffodils are peeking their heads out, and a johnny jump up is blooming in the bed along the driveway– I know that spring is slowly creeping its way northward- a friend in Tennessee said last week that his tulips were in full bloom– it’s coming, that tempestuous Wisconsin spring, I can feel it.  (Notice how I overlook the snow in this week’s forecast?)

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3 Responses to spring is coming!

  1. I too love, love, love snowdrops. They always come up best if bought and planted “in the green”. All the big bulb companies in England sell them like that in the spring, just after they have flowered. If they seed all over for your secretary, you should ask her for some plants. You will get much better results.

  2. gwendolyngarden says:

    Good point! If only we could get American (or Canadian, in your case) growers to sell them that way we’d be much better off!

  3. There is a grower in upstate New York that specializes in snowdrops ‘in the green’. I got a few ‘smuggled’ in by an American client at the flower shop in Kingston that I used to work at. It is The Temple Nursery, box 591, Trumansburg, NY 14886 The gentlemans name is Hitch Lyman. If you are interested.

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