Orchid Wonderland

I love Orchids. They are one of the most beautiful flowers and always provide such a great break from the cold outside. Usually the best time of year for my orchids is right before it is time to go outside and garden. Here’s just a sampling of my favorites.

Some of my Phaleonopsis Orchids

Some of my Phalaenopsis Orchids

I have a few more favorites…
The Green Lady Slipper- strictly indoors only.

The Green Lady Slipper- strictly indoors only.

and outside
Yellow Lady Slipper- on Mackinac Island

Yellow Lady Slipper- on Mackinac Island

But my favorites are the Phalaenopsis Orchids.
Dusty Rose Colored Orchid

Dusty Rose Colored Orchid

Yellow Tiger Striped Orchid

Yellow Tiger Striped Orchid

But my favorite favorite inside orchid is:
My Favorite Orchid

My Favorite Orchid

As I take all my pictures myself, obviously they aren’t as great as they could be. And I don’t know any of my orchid’s names (as usual, I only bother to learn them during the course of buying, but once acquired, it doesn’t seem as important. I’m not cataloging them.
I grow all of my (moth, dendrobium, oncidium, lady slipper) orchids in a long east facing window in my bedroom on humidity trays (really the broken in half deli containers that I use for seed starting). I have them growing in different kinds of pots- but my favorite pot is the purple Kew Gardens orchid pot pictured above that my poor husband dragged around London for a day.
I water about once a week and use a balanced seaweed emulsion fertilizer. Conviently, these orchids are growing over my headboard, so I can see when they are infested with scale and can treat them.
I plant them in “orchid mix”– and I don’t reuse it. I also don’t like the decorative orchid containers, the orchids don’t seem to grow as well in them.
When the first bloom opens up, I move them out of the window and into their slightly darker “decorative” location until they are done blooming. The spotted orchid (my favorite) has been blooming since September.
As with all my houseplants, these get a summer vacation on the shaded north facing porch- I water them daily and fertilize when I remember with the same fertilizer that I use during the winter.
I hope you buy an orchid for yourself and enjoy it- I love them and they seem to do ok for me. As with all plants, don’t worry about them, they’ll do better that way.
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6 Responses to Orchid Wonderland

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  5. Priscila says:

    Hi i LOVE that dusty rose orchid, could u tell me where can i find it and how much it cost? im from Mexico but im getting married in San Benito, Texas, and i would love to have a few orchids by there. Thank you so much 🙂

  6. gwendolyngarden says:

    I bought it at home depot. They have pretty nice orchids there!

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