Coveting thy neighbor’s daffodils

I’ve never purchased Narcissus Rijnveld’s Early Sensation (daffodils), but my neighbors have. My neighbors are enjoying a garden full of the all-yellow beauties, while my later bloomers are getting ready to show off their amazing variety.

As with many gardeners, variety is not enough for me, I think I also need to be first.  Or at least timed the same as my neighbors.  Although I have crocuses and winter aconite and snowdrops to enjoy right now (and for the last month), I’m tired of watching my neighbors daffodils bloom a few weeks before mine.

Fortunately for both my garden and my soul, I can stop coveting them next year.  When I order my bulbs this summer for fall planting, I resolve to get some of Mr. Rijnveld’s earlybirds so that I can join in my neighbor’s welcome of spring, instead of sitting on the sidelines and waiting.

If you’d like to stop coveting, you can Google the flower and you’ll get a number of reputable growers.  I usually order all my bulbs from Colorblends and the Daffodil Depot.  To find them, you can Google these wholoesalers/retailers too, I think they require a minimum order, but I don’t know what it is, having never spent close to the minimum.

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3 Responses to Coveting thy neighbor’s daffodils

  1. gracieandkate says:

    As always, I am so impressed with you. Your orchids are amazing. Aaron and I raked (part of) the front yard on Saturday and we ended up with 11 bags of leaves. Ugh.

  2. gwendolyngarden says:

    Holy leaf land. If you actually had room for it, I’d definitely suggest creating leaf mould compost– it’s garden gold. As you don’t, and the city does such a nice job selling it through Olbrich, you’re definitely doing your part for the community.

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