100 Garden Loves

Because I’ve started a 100 garden pet peeves post and it took me all week to think of 100 things I can’t stand, but there are so many things I LOVE in or about the garden…

1. Moss

2. Daffodils- especially ones with the orange cup.

3. Parrot tulips.

4. Peonies

5. Hummingbirds

6. Boxwood Hedges

7. Snowdrops

8. Hyacinths

9. Eremurus spikes

10. Dianthus (Pinks)

11. Delphiniums

12. New wheelbarrow tires.

13. The way an old spade slices through soil.

14. The magic of winter transforming a pile of garden debris into a garden additive.

15. Historical varieties of plants

16. New spectacular hybrid cultivars.

17. Going into the garden very early in the day.

18. Hostas.

19. Japanese Maples.

20. The unbelievable victory of a long-beloved tree finally blooming.

21. How lush houseplants look after a summer vacation.

22. Bats

23. Big scary bumblebees and normal sized honey bees.

24. Leaf Mulch.

25. The Financial Times (both for its gardening column on Saturdays and its excellent uses as the best weed blocker in existence.)

26. Lilacs in Bloom.

27. Golden/Chertreuse-leaved plants

28. Purple-leaved plants.

29. Huechera “Obsidian”

30. Rose “Bonica”

31. Sedums

32. Sempervivums (Hens and Chicks)

33. Excellent container gardens.

34. Large Windowboxes.

35. Lining a patio railing with one type of flower in boxes.

36. Golden Oregano.

37. Borage flowers in arrangements.

38. Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars enjoying the dill.

39. Big bunches of garden roses.

40. Bearded Iris.

41. Phlox “David”

42. Clematis.

43.  Papaver “Fruit Punch”

44. Cyclamen

45. Colchicums

46. Parrot Tulips

47. Colorblends “Sunshine Boys” daffodil mixture.

48. Statues of Pomona, goddess of gardens.

49. Pink cupped daffodils.

50. Blue Scilla

51. Plant sales

52. Free plants

53. Violets, especially wierd ones like the purple with white reverse.

54. How a dandelion makes a perfect golf tee.

55. Crabapples

56. Strange caterpillars and beautiful butterflies.

57. Pets in the garden to keep things lively.

58. Bats in the garden to keep the mosquitoes down.

59. Water features done well.

60. Real water features like lakes and ponds.

71.  Petasites Variegatus

72. The grape Kool-Aid smell of sand cherry blossoms.

73. Herb gardens.

74. Garden containers filled with tropicals

75. How pelargoniums are such a great investment.

76. Finally being able to move my plants outside for the summer.

77. My new purple hose nozzle with the “mist” attachment.

78. My old long handled purple watering wand- even though I can’t find it.

79. Farmer’s market plants

80. Tulip Poplars

81. Bluebirds eating the berries off of my yellow-twig dogwood

82. tree frogs.

83. White Trellis-Net against my light grey house.

84. Blushing Bride Hydrangeas

85. Smith and Hawken gloves that have velcro closures

86. American Horticultural Society’s plant index A-Z

87. Amaryllis, except when they bloom extremely late.

88. Thunderstorms for the added nitrogen in the soil.

89. Cheerful Goldfinches eating cosmos and thistles

90. When a plant you’d long ago forgotten about suddenly appears or blooms.

91.  Sedum repestre Angelina

92. Golden Creeping Jenny

93. That gorgeous unrembered Iris.

94. Roses, even though they are so much bother.

95. Cactus- likewise.

96. Enormous tropicals

97. When every so often someone else says “Oh My God” about something you had taken for granted in the garden.

98. The hard work.

99. The joy of being outside so that I actually know what season it is.

100.  The love of finding something to do every day- of finding incredible beauty in strange things outside- and the miracle of how it all grows every year.

What do you like about gardening?  I could go on for another hundred items.  Tell me your thoughts…

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