Pomona, Goddess of Gardens

Although I usually am very good at sticking to the topic, today, just for once, I’d like to vary a bit…

Pomona, the Roman goddess of gardens and orchards– and also the name of my sweet puppy, who is currently curled into a tiny ball in my lap after a run through the garden.

Pomona in the Primroses

Pomona in the Primroses

She is an adorable reminder to try to make your gardens as friendly to your pets as possible… Avoid chemicals where you know that they spend a lot of their time, try to keep the poisonous plants away from pets (the aconitum and nicotianas for example).  Most of all- have fun with them.  Pomona especially enjoys digging out dandelions (and as you can see from the picture, there are plenty of opportunities to do so).  She is particularly helpful with deadheading pansies for some reason.

Puppies in the garden

Puppies in the garden

But don’t try to take a picture of my puppy in the garden– she hasn’t quite mastered “sit” and “stay.”

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