Mind the Gap

Typically, we plan a family party for the week that nothing is blooming in the garden.  Next weekend will undoubtedly be no exception…

Our front garden bed still has some Narcissus “Pipit” blooming and some holdover Gudoshenk tulips.  By next weekend, we’ll have a lot of leafy bulbs.

I have many things in bud– Peonies galore (but not big enough buds for next weekend), Dianthus, Iris, Rugosa Roses; but what we will rely on for color will unquestionably be alliums.

I don’t know if I plant enough alliums– they are truly a bridge plant, filling in this awkward gap in the garden– their tall spherical heads are the best thing  to happen to the late May garden– and should they stick around for the next two weeks, so we will be set.  I have planted 100 “Purple Sensation” but am eagerly looking forward to the “Mt. Everest” debut in my garden this year.  Please, please bloom by next weekend.  Next year calls for at least 100 more (probably of the cheaper Sensation, not the very pricey Mt. Everest).

The alliums are beautifully complemented by the flowering sage “May Night” and the purple catmint.  With any luck it will still look great for next week’s party.  I promise to post photos soon!

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