Chicago Botanic Garden

It ain’t easy to get to from here, but it was worth the trip.  A particularly great thing for Olbrich Botanical Garden members (free parking, plus you get to enter in the fast lane), Chicago Botanic has an impressive collection of just about every type of plant you’d care to see.  Here are a few of my favorites from the trip.

The delightful Echiums

The delightful Echiums

Even in the parking lot of this great garden, there are surprises– the Echiums– which one never sees and look wonderfully Dr. Seuss-like– I had a ton of questions about these that I didn’t have time to find answers to- are they grown in greenhouses over the winter? Mulched?  Where does one even procure such a thing?  I am pretty sure that Thompson and Morgan have seeds for them, but have only seen them before now in English gardens. 



Regular readers of this blog will note my love of boxwood– this was a lovely cloud form of pruning… definitely an idea for the hedge I just planted.

My favorite hosta

My favorite hosta

This grey with gold striped hosta was everywhere.  I will not rest until I find out what on earth it was called! (well, I might rest, but I will definitely find a place for it!)

pink and blue annuals

pink and blue annuals

As much as I loved the entire garden, the annual areas were the most visually stunning.  Both the pink and blue (above) and orange/yellow below were gorgeous.

more annuals

more annuals

Why don’t we grow more wallflowers?  So attractive, and great in a border… I resolve to grow some from seed next year and the year after, I will have some great plants!

Poppy Fields

Poppy Fields

The poppy field was stunning and an especially lovely view from the conifer garden.  I have hundreds of pictures, and I will try to weave them in all of my future posts to share the great garden with you.

For folks who live in the midwest, pull out your IPass and go see this amazing garden.  For folks who live far away, consider it on your next trip to Chicago, you’ll love it!

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4 Responses to Chicago Botanic Garden

  1. Sunita says:

    Oh! That’s so lovely! I envy you the fun you must’ve had. It was great seeing all those pretty annuals. What a pity I cant grow them here 😦

  2. gracieandkate says:

    The poppies are just unbelievable. I love them. I love this blog!

  3. Love the hosta, please find out the name. I also love wallflowers, Sarah Raven uses them as a cutflower in her books. She will sell you the seeds in solid colours. A great website for seeds.

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