Lazarus Reawakened

Sometimes plants really are miraculous.

Today, I was out for my usual morning stroll in the garden with the dog and I noticed two beautiful roses blooming in what was once exclusively a rose garden and is now more of an herb garden in the courtyard of my house.  Two different roses that had died four years ago were miraculously raised to life, as Lazarus was.  Although I don’t think that Jesus came to visit my roses.  Unless He was the reason for the motion light that keeps going off during the night in the courtyard.

The first rose to rebloom after death this year in my garden was David Austin’s gorgeously fragrant “Evelyn”– which is slightly more pink than peach in my garden- but is an absolute stunner.  With culinary sage around its ankles, the colors suggest a ready-made boutonniere, perfect for a wedding.

When I first started gardening in a ground floor apartment with ample sidewalks, I had a dizzy fling with miniature roses in containers, dutifully bringing them in the heated garage every winter.  When we moved into our new house in late December five years ago, I moved the roses from a heated garage at our apartment to an unheated one, which (no surprise) killed all but one of them (Pink Scentsation).  On the off chance that one of the others survived, early the next spring we dug a rose garden bed as soon as we could and plonked the roses into the ground to hope for the best.  It appears that the Red Scentsation variety has come back to life– a truly stunning feat, given how long it has been.

Of course, the true explanation for the return of two old favorite roses is undoubtedly more prosaic.  As a born-Northern Wisconsin girl, I always order roses “own root”– because nearly 90% of the time, my roses die completely back to the ground every winter.  It is likely that some of these roots survived and brought my plants back to life that first year, unnoticed by me, and are only now large enough to flower again. 

Either way, the miracle of gardening is often that anything grows at all– and is what keeps me endlessly pleasantly surprised.

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