Coral Double

Coral Double

J’adore la pivoine.  I love tree peonies, rock garden peonies, and regular old floppy peonies from grandma.  I love singles, doubles, bombs, and everything in between.

Untroubled by nearly everything, they live forever (well- long enough that I will be dead before they are) and give a gorgeous flower display for a brief shining two weeks before the nemesis beetles arrive.

Right now, I have a bouquet of peonies on my desk at work– and unlike the roses, they look as good as the day I cut them.

When planting peonies, remember that they are (usually) tall.  Remember also that planting peonies as a hedge will look dumb once they flowers are gone, unless you have another flower to replace them.

I like peonies in mixed borders, where they can be eye-catching for a few weeks and then other plants can take over.

single pale pink

single pale pink

I have one tree peony (and have just ordered another- can’t wait) and it is a nice bush, but only flowered its first year- so I’ve forgotten what color it is– I’ll bet it was a medium pink.  The new one I’ve ordered from Klehm’s is Souvenier de Maxime Cornu– which is a spectacular yellow-red.  I am thrilled.

I have a single pale pink, a gorgeous double salmon, hot pink “Kansas,” fully double pale pink/white, reddish pink…

Here are pictures of some of my favorites:

My signature peony

My signature peony

Then some new, younger ones:



Tree Peonies and Alliums at Chicago Botanic

Tree Peonies and Alliums at Chicago Botanic

Now that Peony season is over– all the more reason to plan for next year’s garden– oh the wonderous Peony!
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2 Responses to Peonies

  1. J’adore des pivoines aussi.

  2. Melissa says:

    Et moi aussi.

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