And Clematis!  How I love that too!  Its fountain of purple climbing my south wall…



It is planted with lavender at its ankles for shade, and in full sun– growing along the trellisnet that I have attached to the house– you can see it in the picture.

It is also great growing through bushes (dogwood).

more jackmanii

more jackmanii

I have 4 or 5 different varieties of clematis growing at my house– the other that is blooming already is “Arctic Queen”– not the best choice against a light grey house, but still beautiful.

Arctic Queen

Arctic Queen


Everyone always wants to know about Clematis pruning — googling this will give you a good overview of the pruning types.  For Jackmanii, the rabbits usually do the winter pruning for me, and they turn out just fine that way.  The others may need some hardware cloth around the base to keep the rascally rabbits away from those green shoots in winter and early spring.  My other varieties are young enough that they haven’t yet required pruning.

Remember that clematis have winding stems (which are fascinating to see how they grab onto things), so they will not self-support (hence the trellis).

Plant some to scramble through your ugly foundation shrubs or lilac trees and add an extra season of color to your garden.

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