Time to order Spring Bulbs!

Now is the time to order spring bulbs for fall planting.  I order the majority of my bulbs from www.colorblends.com every year, and they offer really great service and the bulbs are generally excellent.

Here’s my order list for this year:

Parrot Blend Tulips for the Linden Extension garden.  You can see a picture of these here.  In the photo you can see Pink Cubed (a tulip blend) behind the tulips- but I am moving to daffodils instead (because of the voles), so am passing on the plain pink tulips.

Rijnveld’s Early Sensation (as promised) to be planted throughout the gardens

Jetfire– a smaller orange cup and yellow flowers.

Minnow-  tiny white flowers with a yellow cup (flowers a bit later in the season, which is nice)

Scilla siberica-  boatloads of this.  Such a wonderful, obliging plant.  Brilliant blue flowers will look great in front of the boxwood.

Crocreation– crocus, appropriately.  The joy of my heart in late February, early March, and the reason I have invested heavily in glass cloches.

Globemaster Alliums– the only plant that I did not order in multiples of 100.  At $25 for 5, it’s a bit rich for my blood and I will plant it sparingly in the front bed.  These huge purple spheres are long lasting and will look great.

Purple Sensation– Much cheaper and very delightful allium, doesn’t last tremendously long, but usually long enough to mind the gap.

I intend to break down and order from another catalog– I’ve always wanted to try some dutch iris, but enjoy colorblends’ one stop shopping, and they don’t carry them.  I saw a planter full of dutch iris last year and they looked spectacular, so I’ll probably order those from Jungs, along with some bearded irises and maybe another peony… never enough of either.

I should note that I have NEVER successfully forced or grown spring flowering bulbs in a container.  And I try different ways every year.

I definitely recommend ordering as many as you can afford… they look so much better en masse.  Even if you can only spare enough money for an 8 pack of bulbs, you should plant them closely together– I basically dig a hole with a spade and drop eight in a hole so that that they are all next to each other in a circle (without touching) — don’t forget to put one in the middle– and pointy end up. 

Use a bigger hole for more bulbs.  If I am planting bulbs for cutting, I dig a trench about a six inches deep, four feet long and 6 inches wide.  I fill the bottom with crushed Oyster shells (darn voles) and dump the 100 bulbs in the trench, arrange them, cover with more crushed oyster shells, cover with soil.  It doesn’t take long, but the results are worth it!

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2 Responses to Time to order Spring Bulbs!

  1. Lucky you, I just went on ColorBlends website, everything is so cheap. I can’t find anyplace like it in Canada, and unfortunately they can’t ship to Canada. I have been looking everywhere for tommy crocus, just the species, not a hybrid, and I can only find it in American bulb catalogues, but no across the border shipping. Enjoy the bulb planting and am looking forward to seeing pictures in the spring.

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