Gifts for Gardeners 2009

As another year draws to a close in the garden I am thinking about what a gardener would like for Christmas or any other holiday this year.  (For last year’s recommendations see here.) Prices are approximate.

1.  Garden Gloves.  I like ones with a velcro tab at the wrist, and they sell these at most garden centers, Home Depot, Menards, even good old Fleet Farm (for my Wisconsin readers).  Even if you bought some for your gardener last year, she or he needs another pair. About $10

2. Our Life in Gardens by Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd.  A fun read with no pictures (although there are excellent, botanically accurate, drawings/etchings? at the head of each chapter) and excellent text on the joys and challenges in a garden portrayed through different plants. $20 (I’ll post a review of this book later)

3. A telescoping pruner.  This ultra-long reach pruner is ideal for pruning that crab tree out of your reach, or for cutting back a climbing rose that is halfway up the house.  This is on my Christmas list this year. $95

4. Interesting Amaryllis.  Although the hotlinked collection is a bit pricey- it is the perfect big gift for a flower enthusiast, or split it up and give them to eight friends. (linked collection $180- but Amaryllis can be had for as low as $5 a bulb)

5. Horticulture Magazine.  As with the gloves, even if you got it last year, a renewal is a great idea. $20

6. Seed Savers Exchange Membership.  A great way to bring our gardening heritage to the present, Seed Savers Exchange allows a member to have access to a heck of a lot (their website claims 20,733) of varieties of garden plants- both vegetable and floral. $35

7. A garden edger.  An essential component of quiet gardening, an edger creates a good looking, european-style line for garden beds.  Absolutely indispensible. $35

8. Vintage garden cloches.  This bell shaped glass jar was used by the Victorians to protect their tender plants in an unexpected freeze.  They can be quite pricey, especially for the larger ones, but are widely available in antiques stores. $20 and up.

9. Garden Coffee Table Books.  Photo books allow us to reflect on the garden in ways that “how to” books do not.  For example Flower, by Christopher Beane $15

As always, these recommendations are entirely my own, and I am not shilling for any of these companies or their products.  Have a jolly holiday!

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One Response to Gifts for Gardeners 2009

  1. nadia Q. H. says:

    YES! all good.Merry Christmas.

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