Snow-18 inches of it.

With 18 inches of snow in the last 24 hours, we’ve definitely started out winter with a bang!

If you are in our delightful predicament (state government shut down, so no work for us), after you’ve checked to make sure everyone is safe and snowblowed the driveway three or four times (and your neighbor’s sidewalks, if you are a generous soul), spare a thought for your evergreens.

In a heavy snow like this one, your poor trees will split with the weight of heavy, wet snow.  If there is no ice on the branches, you can shake it off or sweep off whatever branches you can reach with a broom (probably not worth it to try climbing on a ladder).  Be careful about power lines if you are sweeping off trees that may touch the lines.

Our power lines are mercifully buried underground (and the 18 inches of snow), so I worried first about my three year old arbor vitae, and I knocked the snow off the unburied branches.  Most other evergreens and gardens are completely buried at this point, but the boxwoods in the front run along the sidewalk and are vulnerable to well-intentioned snowblowers, so we tried to shovel a path clear away from them, while keeping them covered from the -30 degree (farenheit) temperatures that we expect tonight and tomorrow.

We also took extra care to cover up our hydrangeas and roses under mounds of snow– it insulates the buds from these cold blasts.

I love snow- the break from real hard gardening, the chance to lie on the lawn and let the snow drift down on my face (after wading through a four foot drift)- it’s a real joy.  Ask me how I feel about it in April, that’s another story!  Stay safe!

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