January Thaw: spring countdown

Well, that’s it.  I’ve ordered everything I am going to order for the year.  Probably.  This lovely January thaw has made me a bit stir crazy.  I pruned the dogwood this morning wearing my church clothes- that’s how anxious I was to get outside.

This afternoon I organized my catalogs and planned what I will buy, and it really is a little of everything.

As I am now starting to think about where I am actually going to put plants- and designing the gardens a bit beyond the basic “I like that, I should buy it.”  Not much, but a little.

Just placed my order at Bluestone:

I bought the lime green Euphorbia that I’ve wanted for years (and mistakenly ordered “blackbird” instead a few years back).  The new “Incrediball” hydrangea- I’m a sucker for Annabelle as I’ve mentioned, and this promises to be an arborescens hydrangea on steriods.  I also bought the lime green hydrangea “limelight”.  Clearly I’m having a lime green fling, because I also bought Lamium Lemon Frost for the front groundcover.   I hope the lemon frost Lamium is as spready as its variegated cousins so I don’t have to buy more than one.

I’ve also bought more plants as I convert certain beds to a consistent purpose (the front beds will be more shady, the primrose bed will be larger and have more primroses.)

I have also bought a sweet violet.  I love violets.  I especially love that you can’t get them from most catalogs.  I love that my friends regard them as weeds.  I look at violets scooped from their yards as like having my friends in my garden.  Like friends, if you look closely- some are so unique.  I have a blue-grey one (violet, that is), a white with blue reverse (or maybe its the opposite way- it’s been awhile, I don’t quite remember), a bright, large royal purple.  Last year I tried to grow yellow and korean violets from seed and was unsuccessful (so far.  But who knows).  I am particularly excited about the sweet violets because I don’t think they actually grow this far north, but the catalog seemed to indicate that it did.  I’ll give it a go and see what happens.

I (being-counter trendy) am going to try a grass.  For the third time.  I know that grass has had its moment as a statement plant, but I still think there is still room for it somewhere- I just like its noise in the wind.  And we have plenty of wind.  I have no clue where I’m going to put it.  I’d love to grow it in a huge container on my patio.

I just received an email from Thompson and Morgan that my seeds are on the way.  Spring is coming!

I can’t wait.  The more it melts, the more excited I am about the possibilities!

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One Response to January Thaw: spring countdown

  1. Emily says:

    Gwen your gardens arer always so beautiful, I can not wait for you to help me with mine. Love you sister.

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