Seed Inventory

How could I possibly be a good gardener when I can’t grow beets?  I mean how hard can it be?  Well, some say it is easier to grow beets when you actually take the seeds out of the package and plant them.

Today, I bought (probably) the last of my seeds for the year and took an inventory of the seeds I have to make sure I had everything I wanted.  I often sow old seeds- they frequently germinate well, and if you do not sow them, how would you ever know if they will grow?  It was during this inventory that I chanced upon the Bull’s Blood beets that I puchased last year as a nice foliage treat for my hot colors garden.  We’ll see if I grow them better when I actually put them in the ground.

Other than the beets, as promised, there will be a lot of bright pink this year, along with its complimentary colors.  I have “Summer Sorbet” Californian Poppy,  “Candy Mountain” foxglove, two pink violas, “Rose Shades” and “Rose Gem”.  I am going to plant my favorite nasturtium, “Cherry Rose”- the only place I have found this shade is through Plants of Distinction, an English nursery- sold conveniently (for me) at Jung’s stores.  This is the best nasturtium ever, and the color is true pink.

I also have my old favorites- the sweet peas, “Zorija Rose” and an heirloom “Bicolour” mix- both from Thompson and Morgan.  Also from T&M I have Dianthus:  “Arctic Fire” and “Shrimp.”  From Burpee, I have Celosia Red Velvet- and I am hoping, as the picture shows, that it is actually a deep pink, and not a red, so that I can use it in bouquets- but otherwise, it will be lovely elsewhere in the house.

My impulse purchase is also from Plants of Distinction- a mix of frost hardy primulas.  As I hope to have a primula garden some day, hopefully these will save me a few dollars and give me varieties I would not have seen elsewhere.

Along with last year’s beets, I have some Hyacinth Bean that didn’t grow at all last year (but I don’t remember where I planted that, either) and some of my old favorite, “Heavenly Blue” morning glory.  It isn’t a morning in the summer without them.  The only downside of those lovely morning glories is that they take FOREVER to flower- usually around my birthday in late August we get the first spiky blossom.  The upside is that even when they have no roots and you’ve thrown them in the compost heap for the season, they will keep on flowering.  What strange little ducks they are.

Assuming I can remember to plant them, I should have a lovely magenta garden next year- I can’t wait!

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