Galanthus Nivalis: snowdrops, living up to their name

As you know, I love snowdrops.  Even though we still have two feet of snow on the ground, I can’t wait to see these little beauties again (last year’s crop, above).  On a tip from a reader, I have ordered some delightful snowdrops in the green (with leaves) from The Temple Nursery.  As far as I know, The Temple Nursery is the only U.S. provider of snowdrops in the green.

The proprietor, Mr. Lyman, sent my confirmation yesterday that I will receive Galanthus nivalis, species- of which I already have a few, but more is better.  I have also ordered “S. Arnott”, which Mr. Lyman describes as a “beautiful tall single with a deep green heart-shaped mark on the inner segments.”   

I am also adding Winifrede Mathias to my collection, “Tall and thin, named for the owner of the Giant Snowdrop Company, herself tall and thin.”  How lovely to be described that way, and more importantly, Mr. Lyman writes that it “Grows well.”  Frankly, there is no higher praise for a plant in my book!

Although quite pricey- up to $45 a bulb- and with limited quantities available, getting snowdrops in the green is reputedly the only way to get them to grow properly.  Dear reader, I shall try it and report back. 

If you’d like to order some of Mr. Lyman’s hand-dug snowdrops for yourself, and you live in the United States, write to Mr. H. Lyman at The Temple Nursery, P.O. Box 591, Trumansburg, New York 14886.  Enclose a check for $3 for a copy of his catalogue.

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One Response to Snowdrops

  1. In my latest post, I am asking all garden bloggers if they know anyone who sells snowdrops “in the green”. HItch Lyman has been the only name to come up. British gardeners know that transplanting snowdrops in the green, helps them settle in and flower better.
    I hope yours do well.

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