Long Reach Pruners

I finally broke down and bought my long reach pruners to prune the trees.  (It is that time of year)  I mistakenly thought that the particular model that I purchased would extend so that I could ultimately reach up to about 15 feet.  Unfortunately, I bought the wrong model and I didn’t realize this until after I had already pruned a few branches.  And thrown the package away.

So- long reach pruners- a good idea?  I really don’t see another way around it, because you really can’t get to those skinny crossing branches any other way, but frankly, they are terrible.  They work, but I found it so difficult to cut with them.  And the lock wouldn’t stay in place.  I would rather get on a ladder with my secateurs than use them again.  Or just let the branches cross.

One more garden item to add to the growing pile in my garage of tools that aren’t as good as they should be.

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