Give me Strength

I’m trying to control my blood pressure, but the Voles are not helping.  Generally, after a long winter like this one, the first complete snow melt reveals devastation- but managable devastation.  This year, we have complete devastation from their instant predatory protection blanket of 18 inches of snow in December that is just now melting.

Obviously, Darwin’s evolving moles just dig right on through the oyster shells and blood meal. They’ve even evolved to biting off the tops of daffodils (umm.. they’re supposed to be poisonous?)  that interfere with their 75,000 tunnels in my brand new bed. They’ve chewed my iris tubers to nubs, and stripped the green parts of my mini red rosebush.  They’ve girdled my Tulip Poplar.

The best part is that they’ve got a little cache of destroyed tulip bulbs in their favorite little nests- built up with the grass that they have chewed up from my lawn.  They have also pulled the mulch off the beds and out into the lawn and on the driveway in their own private nests under the snow.

They have eaten $56 worth of tulips in my brand new bed.  Thankfully I’ve learned this lesson in the past and have planted many less tulips than usual.  That said, usually the oyster shells keep them away, but now we go to the nuclear plan: hardware cloth.

Deep breaths. Here’s my plan for next year:

1) let the cat outside.
2) cover the area with cat hair.
3) hardware cloth.
4) oyster shells as a backup
5) cut back plants so there is less space to hide out under the snow
6) encourage predatory birds.

Deep, calming breaths… Wonder if Hogwarts will lend me a few owls?

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3 Responses to VOLES!!!!

  1. gwendolyngarden says:

    At least I know that I’m not the first one with this problem (which I knew already), but it could be as bad as this New York Times article from 1920: http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?_r=1&res=9902E2DF153AEE32A25753C2A9609C946195D6CF

  2. gracieandkate says:

    That’s hilarious. I mean, I know it isn’t. And yet it is.

  3. gwendolyngarden says:

    Now they’ve dug a huge tunnel under the concrete slab in the courtyard. Or it could be a groundhog. Or a gopher.

    Here hawky, hawky. Here owly, owly, owly.

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