Houseplant Census

The office plants

A great idea from Mr. McGregor’s Daughter: A houseplant census. I am never going to put in print my enormous number of houseplants at home, my office alone has 9. It had 3 more, but I’ve killed/taken them home.   At the office I have three spider plants, two jade bonsais, a jasmine, a pothos vine, a paph orchid and a philodendron.

The best real office plants I’ve ever seen were at the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions.  Amazingly huge houseplants.  I love going to glass buildings that have huge palm trees, but I don’t count those “lawn service” type houseplants- I mean real, earnest, staff-assistant-who-takes-care-of-them houseplants, in an office.

I have four houseplants on my kitchen window.  Four over my bed. 

Five on my dresser.

Six in his bathroom window.

Only two in my bathroom, but one of them is a Monstera Deliciosa and takes up more floor space than my bathtub.  Like I said, we aren’t going to discuss the basement or living/dining room– I’d say it’s less than 100 (not including frost sensitive bulbs (dahlias, cannas) or seedlings), but I can say this: when I assembled all of the plants for their annual spraydown before they came inside last year, they covered my 200sq ft patio. 

That should give Mr. McGregor’s Son-In-Law some comfort.

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2 Responses to Houseplant Census

  1. Thanks for the link love. (Actually, it was my husband who raised the question. My daughter is too young to be married.) I didn’t think to ask about how many plants people have in their office. When I had an office, I always had more there than at home. It’s great to see plants that the office workers maintain themselves, there’s such a great variety. Your office collection looks wonderful.

  2. gwendolyngarden says:

    My bad. I should have said that should give Mr. McGregor some comfort. 🙂 Thanks for clarifying.

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