Drat. Thwarted again.

It’s back to the drawing board if I’d like to have the first daffodils in the neighborhood. On an evening drive last night, we spotted no less than three houses in our neighborhood that already had a daffodil blooming. I note that every house with daffodils was south facing and the daffs were right up against the house with no trees blocking the way. Maybe next year I will have to resort to garden cloches to be the first. I mean they are budding for crying out loud- if it wasn’t so cold and windy I would have 50 blooms by now. (I recognize that if it wasn’t so cold, EVERYONE would have daffodils by now.)

I note with some consolation that Mr. Next Door (who doesn’t know I’m competing with him) does not yet have blooming daffodils.

2011 will be my year. I just know it.

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One Response to Drat. Thwarted again.

  1. gwendolyngarden says:

    Both Mr. Next Door and I had a single daffodil that bloomed on Saturday morning. Perfect. Clearly our street has a colder microclimate than our neighbors 3 blocks to the south (everyone knows it’s warmer in the south).

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