Orchids, partie deux

Cymbidium Orchids- light peachy rose

This year, I have expanded my orchid palette to include some large, some small.  As you know if you are a regular reader, I adore orchids of all kinds.   Nearly every orchid I’ve ever bought has been an impulse purchase, but by now I have a fairly good collection of paphs, Phalaenopsis, oncidium, cymbidium… The cymbidium above must be three feet tall. 

Enjoy the photos from this year.  If you’d like to see last year’s orchids, click here

Good old reliable oncidium orchid

 I’ve had this orchid for almost the entire duration of my marriage and it has flowered beautifully, even though it is in a terrible glazed clay pot- It does so well that I’m reluctant to think that I know better and pot it up. 

Tiny Phaleonopsis

 It may be difficult to tell, but the butterfly clip that attaches the orchid stem to its stake is the size of a fingernail.  I adore this sweet little orchid and keep it by my favorite chair in the window of our living room. 

Dark Purple Dendrobium

 I bought this one last year and, apart from toppling over in a strong wind over the summer, it has been spectacular, with its dark purple blooms.  The photo doesn’t do the dark color justice, but it looks a dark purply-black as dark as a “Queen of Night” tulip. 

Tiger Striped Phalaenopsis

My favorite Phalaenopsis with its beautiful tiger stripes has been around for 4 or 5 years.  This year it had two stalks of gorgeous flowers. 

What’s missing from last year?  My dusty rose Phalaenopsis has terrible scale affliction, so is currently in insecticidal soap treatment and segregation from the other plants until it can go two weeks without a scale infestation.  Last summer my Paph got some kind of fungal infection, so I bought a new one that is living in my office.  My harlequin Phalaenopsis. is budded but not blooming as are some sweet and simple orchids given to me by friends. 


On another note, as much as everyone pretends that orchids love bark and charcoal, I’ve noticed that mine just don’t.  They really seem to love growing in sphagnum moss.  So this year, all replantings are going to be in moss.  We’ll see if that works- particularly I need the moss to keep the roots a wee bit moister in the winter in my cold, dry house.

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2 Responses to Orchids, partie deux

  1. Your Orchids are beautiful!!!! do you feel relax and in a stage of peacefulness with them around you? because i do and not only orchids i love roses too.

    I have a Phalaenopsis it was given to me for San valentine’s day, the lady on the store told me to deep it in water once a week for 5 minutes and then let the water drain, and the following days just spray a little water on them with a bottle.

    That is what i have been doing and it looks reallly healthy, is there anything else that i should add to the care of the orchid?


  2. gwendolyngarden says:

    Vielka, you’ll need to give it fertilizer every now and then- and I tend not to mist them for fear of fungal diseases, but if yours is doing well, sounds like you have the right idea- keep it up!

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