No April Fool

Rijnveld's Early Sensation Daffodils

It is 80 degrees today. On the first day of April.  It is Easter this weekend and I have the windows open with the fan on.  A few years ago, on the way to my in-laws for Easter I drove into a 5 foot snowbank.

If Mother Nature is playing an April Fools Joke on me– I like it. Although, it’s going to be tough when it snows- as it inevitably will.

To celebrate the lack of snow, I’m going to bring my mother-in-law flowers FROM MY GARDEN! I can’t even believe I’m saying that (the garden part, that is: my mother in law is adorable)!

Daffs, Hyacinths and Scilla in the garden

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5 Responses to No April Fool

  1. roundrockgarden says:

    I’m sure she’ll love ’em. I can’t wait until I have some wildflowers to do the same with!

  2. keewee says:

    *0 degrees! you lucky thing. I am waiting for some warmer weather. The daffs are looking very healthy, your MIL is going to love them.

  3. keewee says:

    That should have read 80 degrees.
    My fingers are flying faster than my brain this morning. *grin*

  4. Cheers to your great weather!!

  5. Its a big day when you get afford to give bouquets to your Mum in Law. well done you! Your daffs look lovely.

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