My least expensive love

“I held a jewel in my fingers and I went to sleep.  The day was warm, the winds were prosy, and I said, ‘t’will keep’. 

I woke and chid my honest fingers- the gem was gone.  And now an amethyst rememberance, is all I own.” -Emily Dickinson

Is it possible that she wrote of violets?  The amethyst jewel of my garden- that bloom and pass so quickly I often neglect them? 

I love violets. 

I once read that violet flowers are merely for show, and that they reproduce via unfertilized seed, thus they come true from seed and do not hybridize.  I don’t know whether this is true, but I have seen the seed pods rise in autumn and spread their little seeds everywhere.  I’ve also noticed that the seedlings are not crosses- because I have a nice collection of deep violet violets, sky blue, lavender with a white reverse, white with blue striping… all of which are from the gardens of friends. 

I often use them as payment in exchange for garden work in friends’ old gardens- there are delightfully different kinds of violets in all of these old gardens; two on my wishlist are the korean violet with its fabulous leaves and ‘freckles’- with spots all over. 

The violet nursery

 I just acquired a lovely new one… a pinky mauve.

The newest violet- fresh from the farmer's market

 These delightful, if spready flowers are ideal for the front of a border or along a sidewalk where their spready habits aren’t as problematic.  But with these amethyst jewels- I don’t mind the spread- I like the rememberance to be as strong as possible.

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  1. Nelle "Rolls" says:

    that is so beautiful.

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