This Year’s Disappointments (so far)

It is late enough in the spring that I feel comfortable declaring some disappointments.

New plants that didn’t make it:

Dicentra Spectrabilis ‘gold heart.’ Twice.  I had a bad plant sent to me, called for a replacement, which I received but was also half dead, and it died within a week.  Obviously Dicentras don’t like shipping.

Iris- I don’t remember which I planted where: one was chewed completely to bits by something… probably voles or slugs, and I suspect it was the lovely red one I bought. 

Japanese Maple-  I am afraid that my husband’s expensive Japanese Maple purchase didn’t make it.  Its leaves are shriveled, as if it dried out, but it’s been watered and mulched.  It might be the sun or transplant shock but I don’t know.  It’s in rough shape- I wonder if it will make it.  What is really bad: if it doesn’t make it, we can’t return it- he bought it at the Olbrich Plant Sale.  And he will be very unhappy.

Other disappointments:

Aconitum- started as seeds last year, they never advanced past seedling stage and died over the winter.  I can’t find plants for sale anywhere, so I may be out of luck.  Readers: suggestions for where to find Aconitum in the U.S.?

 Hyacinthoides Hispanica.  Umm, no.  They bloom way too late in the front bed and are too short.  Whoops.  Can I move these?  It’s got to be worth a try.

Alliums: Generally spectacular everywhere except in my daffodil/hosta bed, where I didn’t plant them for some unknown reason.  Well–I planted two on either end of the rock wall and they look like sentries guarding the hostas.  Funny, but not what I wanted.

Also the ‘Honorine Jobert’ Anemone that I bought last year is kaput.  Ooops.

Some good things this year so far that were surprises:

Festiva Maxima (this is not really their name, but they are red and white and double like the festiva maxima peony) Tulips; no idea when I bought that small little clump, but they were basically the only tulips I had, and they were gorgeous.

Anemones- I grew these from seed my first year in the garden and now, five years later they were a glorious replacement to the underwhelming bluebells and have happily spread through the front garden.

A new Peony-  I don’t think I ordered it, but I vaguely remember getting a “bonus peony” from Song Sparrow when I ordered.  That’s the problem when you don’t remember what you order and don’t put labels on the plants.  But it is very surprising this way.  It’s a lovely single in a medium pink… It is possible that it is ‘coral charm’ and will get more coral-y as it gets older.  Either way, it is lovely.

Not a bad year so far… but I’m sure the japanese beetles will have their say soon.

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