lilies of the valley

I adore lilies of the valley (which I call LOTV, for short).  Although the season is over, this ultra-easy plant grows well in shady places- even under the overhang of a roof.  The ancestors of my lily of the valley came from my own ancestors- likely planted by my great grandfather, who was an avid gardener himself, and given to me when I moved into my new house by my grandmother, who now owns the property where my great grandfather created his garden.

LOTV has also another family connection- this time a tip from my aunt on the other side of the family (who has a lovely garden of her own): don’t plant it where you ever want to plant anything else.  It is a pain to remove.

But do plant some in a spare corner: the flowers smell so lovely!

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3 Responses to LOTV

  1. Sheila says:

    My grandmother always had “LOTV” in her gardens in Michigan. It doesn’t do well here in Ca., I guess it’s not cold enough for it! Love the scent!

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  3. gwendolyngarden says:

    I’d imagine it doesn’t do well in California- I can’t even list all of the flowers I envy in Cali!

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