More Garden Bouquets

red and white and black tulips

As you know, I love garden bouquets.  As promised, here are more of my favorite homegrown flower bouquets.

Above are this week’s work flowers…

Lilacs and Bleeding Hearts

The bleeding hearts lasted forever.  I will always use these in bouquets from now on!

The Rough Draft- My sister's wedding bouquet

My sister’s bouquet plan is hot pink roses with rhinestones on sticks- it looks very cool.

Iris and Roses in Chinese Vase

Peonies and Roses and Heuchera

I know that some purists (ahem, Martha) like to keep flowers in the same color family- I love a little contrast for variety.  The dark leaves and dark roses looked great but just needed the statement of the gorgeous single peony.  I love single peonies because they don’t flop in heavy rain and look so elegant.

Blues and Greens

This was a great bouquet.  When the blues shriveled, I changed it up and kept all of the same greenery and made it into a pastel and green bouquet.  Really pretty.  And I saved a lot of green!

The same bouquet- a week later with different colors

I also love mini-bouquets for the bedside or a bathroom:

A trio of tiny Pink Scentsation roses

One of every dianthus in bloom

But nothing beats a great big bowl of peonies!  Happy summer!

Festiva Maxima Peonies and my signature peonies

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2 Responses to More Garden Bouquets

  1. gracieandkate says:

    I love mini-bouquets! Did you change the look of your blog? I’m in the midst of changing mine. Seems like a good thing to do from time to time.

  2. gwendolyngarden says:

    I did, and what a hassle! Glad you liked the flowers.

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