Happy Anniversary!

Although I know that today is garden blogger bloom day, it is also my wedding anniversary.  To celebrate, I have been thinking back to those flowers that were a part of our “big day”  long ago.

First, sadly, I have to apologize for the lack of photos- it seems impossible, but no one really had a digital camera way back then, so I don’t have a single digital photo of the day, or the flowers.

So- the flowers.  Family tradition is that whatever flowers you think you want on your wedding day turn out to be decidedly what you didn’t want when you see them in person.  My mother started this tradition with rust and white carnations that look like a strawberry cream pie in all of the photos.

My flowers were roses- very avante garde, I know.  Peach and pale pink and cream.  Quite lovely actually.  We also had a few white sweet peas in there, which were a lovely addition.  At the time, I loathed my wedding bouquet.  I wore a dress that took up about half of the church (and later, the entire front seat of a Buick), and I carried a tiny little bouquet of about 1 1/2 dozen roses.  I had ordered a monster bouquet of 4 or 5 dozen.  Hilariously, given what I now like about flowers, I wanted them to be all the same color.  I ended up hating my bouquet on every anniversary for 2 or three years.  What I had wanted were Hydrangeas, but the florist said they were too expensive.  In retrospect: really?  Three hydrangeas are too expensive?  What a fool to be talked out of it.

I also had bizarre altar flowers: I had showed the florist images of peonies and roses in silver buckets, but got instead the standard midwestern mid-summer funeral arrangement.  My wedding “colors” were pale blue (although the dresses were, in fact, pale lavender) and pale pink.  The altar flowers were dark purple delphiniums and rose-colored Alstromeria.  When we called to complain, they offered to bring over some stargazer lilies- of which I am not a huge fan.

The absolute BEST flowers were the bridesmaid bouquets.  They were gorgeous little bouquets of multicolored pale roses and pale blue sweet peas.  They were stunningly beautiful.  If I’d had a brain, I would have grabbed all three of them and carried them down the aisle as my bouquet.

At the reception, we had tiny little vases with mini pink roses in the centers of the large table, instead of the large bowls of peonies and roses that we had paid for.  My mother was so upset by this, she called and got her money back after the reception.

As much as I didn’t like my flowers at the time, I have with time, learned two important lessons.  1) don’t be talked into flowers that you don’t want, and write down those you do and 2) the flowers aren’t what make the day.  As much as I love flowers, I’d rather have bad flowers and my husband than perfect flowers without him.  Sorry for the cheesiness, I promise to resume regularly scheduled rants about beetles soon.

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3 Responses to Happy Anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary!
    To bad about the bizarre altar flowers they arranged for you. I have read many horror stories from brides regarding the flowers the florist delivered for their wedding. From glue still dripping to frayed ribbons …….Oh My!

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  3. gwendolyngarden says:

    Indeed! Unfortunately, there is not much to be done about it on the big day- as I found out.

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