Crazy Weather= Resolution for 2011

Flopping Peonies 2010

The garden has been gorgeous this year- for those two minutes it bloomed between rainstorms, tornadoes and hail (not to mention my own busy schedule and the sad departure of our natural vole remover).

Tonight, after a week of crazy weather, I resolve to spend more time staking my beautiful and expensive garden.  Peonies, Delphiniums and the Annabelle hydrangeas cannot take the pounding rain and wind that the midwest dishes out in typical summer fashion.

Flopping never really worried me until this year, when I was asked to grow flowers for my sister’s wedding.  Tonight I was outside as the Tornado warning ended shaking water off the hydrangeas that the bridesmaids will carry.  I’m definitely staking next year!

So I’ve learned my lesson.  Below are some photos from the crazy weather this week.

The sky on fire

a river runs through it

I expect that the mosquitoes will be brutal when I have a chance to get out and assess the damage.

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2 Responses to Crazy Weather= Resolution for 2011

  1. Emily says:

    not to worry the flowers will beuatiful!

  2. Emily says:

    sorry beautiful

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