Second Year of Hot Colors Garden

Hot Colors Garden 2010

The Hot Colors garden is absolutely gorgeous this year.  The annuals, perennials and bulbs have been wonderfully large and gorgeous- I’m so pleased!

I’ve planted “Bulls Blood” beets in amongst hot pink celosia and ‘Cherry Rose’ Nasturtiums.  I’ve also sprinkled a little hot pink California poppies around the base of the bird hook.

The real star this year has been, by far, the gorgeous Crocosmia.  Ages ago, I saw a picture of the Duchess of Cornwall next to a huge clump of Crocosmia and have wanted such a clump ever since.  This year, I think I finally got it.

The red hot pokers aren’t bad either.  I’ve been intrigued by these plants forever- and when my secretary said that she had grown them for years, I knew they would be a part of the HCG.

I love the dahlias in the back along the hedge: I’ve got a special Dahlia that resists Japanese Beetles (Dear Jungs, Burpee, are you interested?) and its bright red looks excellent as a backdrop.

I’ve even gone one step beyond these photos and pulled out the brand new willow hedge (oops- big Japanese Beetle attractor) and planted privet ‘Golden Vicary’-  It will look awesome.

If only I could block out what's behind it.

 That is, it will look awesome when it grows tall enough to block out the white cloth on the vegetable behind it. (Although that is a great, organic method of preventing crops from being chewed to bits, it is rather ugly.)

One thing that will change soon: I resolve to pull out that ditch lily and put something more suitably orange in its place by this fall- no sense in allowing the thing to take over.

Even if it doesn’t look great in pictures, the Hot Colors Garden looks excellent in person- and I must say, was a clever idea for a bed along the driveway: nice and bright and cheerful as I pull out on the way to work.

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