If Paestum was abandoned for 1000 years because of the mosquitoes, I wonder how long it will take before my gardens will be reinvigorated?

There are mosquitoes in my office, in my house, in my car, garage and definitely, most especially, in the garden.  I have never really thought of mosquitoes as a garden pest, but when you can go outside only in a strong wind for risk of encephalitis or West Nile Virus, it become very tiresome.

I haven’t toured my garden in ages.  Watering is torture.  Even with a triple application of DEET, they bite my eyelids, behind my ears, on my wrists where the glove ends.  Even though the weather has been in the 80s and 90s forever (it seems) with 300% humidity, I can only garden in long sleeves, long pants and sturdy shoes.  When I walk the dog at night it is torture (for both of us).

What to do about it?  First: I’m going to get new hoses.  My current hoses leak water, which in addition to the dozens of thunderstorms we’ve had this summer, creates extra wet areas for the little critters to breed. 

Second: Check the drainage around the house- and make sure that water isn’t pooling anywhere– I think the herb bed will need to be regraded.

Third, encourage dragonflies and bats.  Apparently dragonflies affect mosquitoes- I’m not sure if they eat them or if it is their larvae that do, but I’ll try it.  And bats- obviously.  Apparently leaving an outside light on is supposed to help. 

We’re trying it, but if we have to abandon the area to save ourselves, you’ll know why.

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