Versailles Gardens

The Orangerie at Versailles

If you were asked to imagine the most beautiful gardens that money could buy, you probably couldn’t do any better than Versailles.  Wow.   On our first trip to Paris, we took the RER an hour south-west of Paris, France to tour the famous palace and gardens.  I couldn’t have seen it all if I’d cloned myself or had a hundred pairs of eyes.  It was gorgeous.  Here is just a teaser- I hope you have a chance to go visit for yourself.

Intricate borders at Versailles

Up by the palace, the borders were very formal with strict color schemes: the effect was gorgeous.

Red and White border along the main walk

Of course- when I think of Versailles, I think of roses- these gorgeous beauties were blooming like mad around this beautiful fountain.

Gorgeous Roses and Fountains

Even the vegetable gardens (potager) were gorgeous: these provided Marie Antoinette and her guests food for their fancy dinners.

Vegetables and Flowers in the Domaine de Marie Antoinette

A side note that I was highly gratified to see- both at Versailles and throughout Europe: lawns that were multi-cultural: i.e. full of what we consider weeds.  If that wasn’t justification enough to stop using lawn chemicals (assuming one had ever started): if it is good enough for Versailles, it is definitely good enough for me.

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6 Responses to Versailles Gardens

  1. kateandgracie says:

    Pretty! I’d like to hear your thoughts on Marie Antoinette’s veggie garden. I seem to recall that you were against the Obamas putting in a vegetable garden because it somehow undermines their presidential stature. I thought that was an interesting perspective. But now that I learn — from you, thank you very much — that Marie Antoinette had a vegetable garden at Versailles it seems like, well, you know, if it was good enough for her…

  2. gwendolyngarden says:

    I don’t think it undermined President Obama’s stature- I was more concerned that it would be alarming if the garden failed: I worried that it may implicate international diplomacy. Which it hasn’t. I also don’t think it’s the cheapest way to get vegetables (growing them yourself) and that supporting local agriculture is a better way to support those already growing our food for us.

    But it’s fun and harmless and has gotten people talking about vegetable gardens-so on balance, the Obama garden has been a good thing.

    Marie Antoinette’s garden is, in my opinion, part and parcel of all of Versailles and what ultimately brought the whole thing crashing down on their heads (literally): Marie Antoinette pretending that she was a commoner- but not really understanding the life of an actual farmer/commoner/peasant at that time. They are now quite lovely vegetable beds to look at, and I like the way they are organized, but I understand why if you are a poor starving french peasant you might be insulted by an insanely wealthy woman who wants to dress up and play farmer, but is unconcered about whether real farmers have anything to eat (See: “let them eat cake” etc.).

    Fortunately for all of us, the Obamas have not used their garden to “play farmer” but to educate us all (or remind us) about the importance of food and where it comes from- and expensive though it is to raise our own vegetables- even I have started a vegetable garden. More on that later.

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  6. Reblogged this on AmberRocksAwesome and commented:
    If you have ever gone to Paris and didn’t to take a tour of the beautiful gardens of Versailles you are missing out! Thank you Gwendolyn for posting these pictures for everyone to see!

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