Garden Malaise

I’m sure that I am not unique in becoming suddenly tired of the garden last year. That tiredness is a feeling I think many of us have after a long, hardworking spring and summer- when you just get tired of dealing with the beetles and slugs and underwhelming perennials and hail and drought.

Mine was a little worse than usual, for one silly reason.  I lost my confidence.  I had always enjoyed being a free-spirited gardener who is entirely self-taught.  I greatly enjoyed sharing my enthusiasm with other people.  And I think other people appreciated my enthusiasm, but I have high expectations of myself, and what I can do.  When people disagreed with me, I took it uncharacteristically personally and started to lose my love of gardening. 

What happened was that I forgot that gardens are a reflection of PEOPLE, not Nature.  My garden is beautiful only because I make it so.  And other people may not think it is beautiful at all.  I cannot make other people garden as I do- or think as I do- and they have the right and fredom to do whatever they want with their own gardens (and thoughts).

And although I think that they plant things to closely together, too far apart, make bad choices on shrub sizes or locations or are altogether boring… who cares?  I learned from trial and error and others might want to do the same thing.  Trial and error in a garden is the only way to innovation.  Really- it is the only way to innovation anywhere, but that’s another subject.

So now I am growing in my garden again.  Both with flowers and as a person- and that is the real reason I am coming back to writing again.  Yay Gardens!  They can even save us from ourselves!

(p.s. Just so everyone knows that I haven’t gone all soft: I still hate orange mulch.  And red mulch.  You can put it in your garden, but you know what I am still thinking when I see it.)

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2 Responses to Garden Malaise

  1. Jill McNaughton says:

    your garden is so beautiful!!! and I hate those mulches too

  2. Sissy says:

    I hold a degree in Landscape and Design and I make loads of mistakes! You have a great attitude, “growing” is what it is truly all about! Go forth and plant boldly! (just use natural colored mulch!!)

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