The First Bloom of the Year

Golden Crocus

Not 10 minutes ago as we were walking in the house I saw the happiest thing I have seen in a month. Even though there is tragedy in Japan, crisis in downtown Madison and fights for freedom in Libya, Mother Nature keeps going- and the promise of spring fills me with renewed hope.

Yay crocuses!

p.s. Why does anyone even buy purple crocus? Golden crocus are like miniature suns in my very own garden!

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3 Responses to The First Bloom of the Year

  1. kateandgracie says:

    This makes me really happy. What a perfect post. Aaron reported a tulip sprouting in our backyard, but I have yet to confirm.

  2. Renee says:

    Our first yellow crocus just popped too! It is a sight for very tired-of-winter eyes.

  3. gwendolyngarden says:

    I am proud to report three lovely yellow crocuses and one dwarf iris. A veritable bouquet in the garden.

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