Spring Ephemerals


A bunch of crocus, iris and scilla

People don’t plant enough ephemerals.  How well we all know that we should plant masses of tulips and masses of daffodils, but masses of snowdrops or crocus or scilla are often underrated.  But why?  They are so much cheaper, earlier and have a three-fold impact on my own cheerfulness that next year I vow to buy nothing but ephemerals next year and plant them everywhere.
Last fall I tore out my underutilized herb garden and decided to replace it with flowers, which is what I prefer anyway.  In the courtyard between our house and garage, it is easily a zone warmer and it is by far the one part of our garden that I see more than any other- when I walk in and out of the house.  This year it will have bulbs, annuals and roses and be a true flower garden. 

The old herb garden, full of color.

This little experiment has encouraged me to try more ephemerals everywhere.  They are particularly good for those of us in somewhat straightened financial circumstances, where $500 spent on bulbs is likely impossible.  So- more scilla, crocus, irises and…

Perfect.  Of course every other year there is a different kind of ephemeral- although these are not best en masse.

my favorite ephemeral

Go Shawn Go!

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One Response to Spring Ephemerals

  1. gwendolyngarden says:

    P.S. We won, so the sign is more a perennial than an ephemeral!

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