White Weddings

My My wonderful friend Kate and her charming husband Aaron got married on New Years eve this past year and planned a gorgeous white-flowered ceremony at a lovely place in Door County.  It was just a small wedding, but the flowers were gorgeous, if I do say so myself.

On a limited budget, Kate decided that she wanted to have causal flowers in vintage glass canning jars in every guest room in the large house where the ceremony took place, as well as flowers scattered around the house.  She chose her favorites- gerbera daisies, white with black centers, as well as white tulips and white hydrangeas. 

The hydrangeas were absolutely perfect.  I was very nervous about having them delivered during the winter, but they were very well protected and arrived in perfect condition.  The gerbera daisies were also well protected, but arrived in two different sizes and colors. 

After a call to the floral wholesaler, we received a full order of the black-centered gerberas the next day (fortunately I’d asked Kate to allow plenty of time for delivery).

The tulips were, as all forced tulips in midwinter are, just buds when they arrived and smaller than garden tulips.  Massed in blue glass canning jars, they looked elegant for the ceremony four days later.

It was again a privilege to do flowers for such a great friend’s wedding, but the real joy of the event came from the glowing bride and groom and their hilarious vows.

Congratulations again Kate and Aaron- may you have long, happy lives together!

(all photos here courtesy of KDL)

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