The Royal Wedding: The TREES!

What a lovely and perfect service. I have to say that the bride looks exceptionally gorgeous and the couple look so happy. And the “flowers” are genius!

The trees are so inspired, when I tuned in at 3:30a.m. this morning I couldn’t believe the great idea of having trees in the sanctuary! I’m not sure if they are maples or London Plane Trees, but they have stolen the show!

The Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding bouquet looks like a lovely bouquet of lily of the valley (which I believe I called last week), a very simple, sweet and pastoral flower.

The altar bouquets are amazing combinations of viburnums, hellebores, solomon’s seal (who’da thunk?), lilacs, some variety of white lily (or something), and maybe jasmine? Just stunning.

Those trees though- such a good idea for such a tall space and such a lovely lovely look.

May they have a long, happy life together! Congratulations!

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