Those Ugly Azaleas

A bad photo of a bad color

I am not usually mean about other people’s flowers, in fact I am a big fan of a lot of unsophisticated, overused flowers- petunias, marigolds.

But I have a new plant that I cannot abide.

Rhodedendrons in sickly purple.

When I was a child, I (actually, my sister) had a box of crayons that had every color imaginable to me at the time and there was one color called “orchid.” I have never seen an orchid that color, but I have seen a million rhododendrons/azaleas (all azaleas are rhododendrons) that color and I hate it. I hate it almost as much as orange mulch.

For the proliferation of these horrible rhodies/azaleas, I don’t entirely blame homeowners- I think that these are usually planted by folks who “want a bit of spring color” in front of their house, so they go to the nearest Menards, Home Depot or Wal-Mart, which often have very good plants, and buy an azalea because it happens to be blooming. And the big plant marketers somewhere have decided that these plants should be a hideous light purple, presumably to catch the shopper’s eye. Clearly their marketing has paid off.

But Why? I have seen thousands of azaleas in my lifetime and there are so many GREAT colors to choose from: red, orange, yellow, pink, white, dark purple- there is NO REASON to choose that god-awful shade of, well, orchid.

So I’ll end with a plea:

Dear plant marketers of the world: STOP WITH THE PURPLE! IT’S HIDEOUS!

Thanks a million,

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3 Responses to Those Ugly Azaleas

  1. That is how I feel about jacaranda trees. A colour that is a shard of ice in the heart.

  2. gwendolyngarden says:

    I think these azaleas and jacaranda trees are almost the same color.

  3. Renee says:

    I lived in South Carolina for a few years, and the azaleas were gorgeous –full hedges of gorgeous color, and then a nice green bush. These purple azaleas that can survive up here in the north are rather ugly shrubs. Like you, I don’t care for the color, but also they look so scrubby the rest of the year. Definitely not worth a place in the garden.

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