Very strong fragrance medium purple

pale blue lilacs

I love lilacs. Does that sound familiar? I feel as though I am constantly saying that I love things- violets, peonies, irises. But how true- I love lilacs, and they are just about blooming.


I have a long lilac hedge between myself and my neighbor, and though he loves his immaculate lawn, he has confessed an admiration for the humble lilac. And why not? They are stunning. My two favorites- Sensation (purple with Picotee) and a double royal purple that my father gave to me from his garden. I don’t love all lilacs- the Korean ones make me sneeze, and I don’t love their incredible sensitivity to herbicides, but they are worth a few curled branches in a “New Urbanism” neighborhood to enjoy a hedge like mine.

double white, strong fragrance

 Oh- and I like the double white too.

Dad’s double royal purple.

And of course-the double pale blue…

double pale-blue

I love them all.  I still have two left in the hedge that have not yet bloomed- they are still a little small, but I’m sure next year will be even better!

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