Flowers for the weekend

Some companies keep their promises. Witness Colorblends ‘Spring Loaded’ daffodil mixture, together with my roses.  I can’t believe it!

The Anachronistic Bouquet

While I still have daffodils and some late tulips blooming, I also have alliums in full force- they are dividing and looking more wonderful than ever- the purple sensation alliums even smell of grape soda, one of my favorite scents in the garden.

Alliums, Chive Flowers, Lamium, Geranium and Hosta

I’d never used Lamium in a bouquet before, but it works perfectly, and I can attest that three days later still looks great.

But my real love are the tree peonies:

Three gorgeous tree peonies

If only I could paint, I would love “still life with tree peonies and apricots.”  I can’t wait to see my red and yellow flame tree peony that has two buds on it- first time ever!
And last but not least- I believe in bathroom flowers- small arrangements of one or two flowers in a teeny vase, with just enough interest to distract you while you go to the bathroom.  It beats a disgusting magazine, right?

A bathroom classic, 'Therese Bugnet' and catmint.

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2 Responses to Flowers for the weekend

  1. Addie Keltz says:

    Amazing website

  2. kateandgracie says:

    I love bathroom flowers! Aaron bought alliums the other day and they were so pretty, but I made him throw them out when all of a sudden tons of flies inexplicably appeared on the walls. I don’t know if the flies were actually related to the alliums or not, but I needed action taken.

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