DRAMM Sprinklers and Hose fittings

I am in love with a company and I am not paid to say it: DRAMM is my favorite company of the moment.  Last year I bought a spray nozzle to replace my terrible, cheap one that I bought from a big box store.  I was attracted immediately to DRAMM’s products because 1) they come in all kinds of cool colors, and 2) they looked heavy duty and 3) the name reminded me of one of my cases (sorry- and I bought it anyway).

This year I went back to buy another nozzle for the second hose after the first nozzle still worked wonders and saw the sprinklers.  I have four sprinklers hanging on the wall of my garage, none of which worked, all of which leaked, got thrown around by hoses and were cracked within seconds since they were made of hideous plastic.  But then I saw the DRAMM sprinkler!  In purple, no less!  It works like a charm.  I’ve been running it for about 20 minutes and the soil is evenly moist, with no puddles, and the darn thing is as tough as nails.  And there are all kinds of fun sprinkler settings.

Best of all, I looked to see where they were made: Manitowoc, Wisconsin!  Yay fellow cheeseheads!

I love my purple sprinkler and my orange and purple sprayers.  Love them love them love them.  One of my neighbors passed by and said that it was a “heck of a nice sprinkler”- which is pretty remarkable given that I would have expected a comment on the peonies!

Now I’m just saving up for the hose…

p.s. as I said in About, I am not paid to endorse anything.  I’ve never even been asked to endorse anything.  I just genuinely and truly love this product.

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4 Responses to DRAMM Sprinklers and Hose fittings

  1. kateandgracie says:

    Is it just a coincidence that DRAMM is similar in name to your favorite conference call company?

  2. gwendolyngarden says:

    Well that was reason number three. 🙂

  3. Amy Ryan says:

    I’m going to have to keep that in mind. We go through hose nozzels and sprinklers like mad. Where do you find them?

  4. gwendolyngarden says:

    Jungs has them. I’ve seen them in the Gardener’s Supply catalog too.

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