Stargazers in the garden

Stargazers at sunset

Stargazer lilies- the Muhammed Ali of wedding bouquets, are truly at their best in the garden.  Relatively cheap to buy (for lilies) they are absolutely best planted en masse with fresh bulbs in as large of quantity as you can afford.  I’ve planted 25 lilies, of which probably 7 survived the mice; but it still works.

Fresh and new bulbs give you the most flowers per stem.  Each of my these beauties are about three or four flowers per stem at a time- enough for a monumental impact.  Plant something like a hosta at their base- they don’t play well with their poor bare ankles visible.

As I said before, these flowers are the Muhammed Ali of wedding bouquets because their strong fragrance really packs a punch (and makes my eyes water as if I have been punched).  Outside, their strong fragrance is merely pleasant and a gorgeous counterpoint to freshly mown grass, wet compost and fresh air.

The next time you are thinking of some late July beetle-proof (so far!  And it’s been a terrible year for Japanese Beetles!) flowers with big impact, consider the lily.

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