It’s just a bunch of flowers


I know that getting flowers from someone you love is wonderful.  A public declaration of their love for you. But honestly, of the 10% of guys that actually give flowers, probably only 2% are giving them for a good reason (and not as an apology). The solution to this problem?

Buy them for yourself. You are guaranteed to get nice ones, no strings attached! Even though I am poor now, I still buy flowers every time I go to the grocery store. It makes me feel civilized.

And nothing cheers up a bedside or dining room table (if I had one) like fresh flowers.

The key, to me, is getting long lasting flowers…carnations (above) or alstomeria, which will last at least two weeks.

Even when they don’t last, they are still wonderful to have around. Just like some of those flower-bearing guys. (And even those without flowers.)

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