Garden Catalogs

Is there anything worse for a gardener to receive garden catalogs and have no garden?  Ok- obviously there are worse things.  But it is definitely not on my list of favorite developments of the last year.  I have visions of peonies dancing through my head… along with some lady’s mantle and iris and roses. 

I’ve been considering a move to Zone 7- a newly expanded possibility given this– and my garden catalogs have set me dreaming about all the plants I could grow in Zone 7.  Camellias, fabulous Wisterias, Agapanthus!  Outside!  I could plant Dahlias and not have to lift them every fall (my sister will be thrilled, as she’s had to do that on my behalf when I injured myself once, and when my husband did another time)!

Although it would be helpful to know where I am actually going to live in a year or so, it is so much fun to dream about all the possibilities.  Fabulous lilies.  Blowsy, vivid hydrangeas.  Boxwoods without the winter cover!  It will be a dream come true.

Now all I have to do is decide. But the possibilities are endless!

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2 Responses to Garden Catalogs

  1. Amy Ryan says:

    I’ve been getting my garden catalogs, too. I’m dreaming on fresh cucumbers, plump tomatoes, peas and beans right off the plant and pumpkins in unholy colors. And a Zone 7 garden? I’d be so jealous. I’m jealous of anyone with a Zone 5 garden! I’m happy when 50 percent of my hardy roses make it through the winter.

  2. Andra says:

    You’ll get that garden of your dreams–I just know you will, you amazing person, you!

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