Flowers for Valentines Day


As someone unlikely to receive flowers for valentines day this year (and haven’t ever, that I can remember), I am always a fan of taking charge of my own life… Ergo the dianthus I bought for myself today. And yes, they’ll be around for at least two weeks.

I know most folks think carnations are trite, but they couldn’t be more wrong, the word “pink” was actually named for these cute flowers, and dianthus/pinks/carnations are mentioned in shakespeare… “the very pinck of courtesy.”

Brand new or ancient, I adore the dianthus family, they are cheap, last forever in a vase and they sell them at the grocery store for goodness sake!

Give me carnations over some long stemmed red roses with baby’s breath any day…even Valentines day.

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One Response to Flowers for Valentines Day

  1. Amy Ryan says:

    Those are beautiful. I love pinks and cheddars. They add so much to a garden.

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