Missing the garden


This is the time of year, more than any other, that I loved in the garden.Putting to bed all of my mistakes from the past year, and planning for the future.

This week, my Southern Correspondent asked me if I missed my garden; more accurately assumed that I must miss it.

I loved planting daffodils and taking a chance on some really expensive tulips and praying all winter that they wouldn’t be eaten by varmints. Looking through bulb catalogs and knowing that next year I could have Dutch Iris in fantastic shades of blue or a trillion alliums.

I miss planting and planning.

I don’t miss digging and drying the damn Dahlias. Or pulling out all the weeds and flotsam. I definitely do not miss last year’s raking leaves!

I’m looking forward to a break from gardening for a bit, and am thrilled that no garden means no snow to shovel. For on the list of my all time least favorite things: shoveling. An environmental attorney colleague, who rides his bike to work every day once said, “snowblowers are the highest and best use of gasoline.” Indeed.

So, SC, I’ll enjoy the break while I can…I’m pretty sure it won’t last forever.

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