Live Christmas Tree


Getting divorced pretty much sucks. Last year, in the midst of my personal chaos, I didn’t feel like celebrating Christmas at all. I didn’t care about decorations, ornaments, cookies, church…any of it.

So what does that have to do with a live Christmas tree? This year, I finally felt like celebrating again… and I went through my possessions and realized: no Christmas tree stand, no tree skirt, no stockings…and not a ton of ornaments. (Although, now I have more than I did, thanks to the Mayor’s generosity in giving me the ornaments my mother had given me.)

Where to put my meager collection? My father and I drove past Jung’s today: Live trees! Perfect! Little! And bonus: Mom and Dad can plant it at their house next spring!

I wish I could say that my purchase is symbolic of the new life I’m creating for myself, but really, I just thought it looked cute and would survive my hot house a little better.

Here’s to trying new things! Merry Christmas everyone!

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