Live Christmas Tree, Week One


I have to say that after a week with a live tree, I wholeheartedly approve.  As does Pomona.  Not only is the size perfect for my diminished quantity of presents, but I have had virtually no needle drop.  I have been watering it every other day and it looks good.  However, unlike a dead tree, it doesn’t have that wonderfully resinous smell, so I bought a candle that some guy in New Jersey decided smelled like a pine tree.  Good enough.

If you think you may actually be receiving one of the presents under the tree (they are all outgoing presents), my hint to you is that the person receiving the Tiffany box is the mother of the person receiving the Marc Jacobs bag… and we’re sorry that you can’t come over and shake the presents today *sniffle sniffle.*

Happy Holidays!

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