It’s Official: I Really Miss My Garden.


The Christmas season is over, we’ve drunk all the champagne in the house (Happy New Year!), but now it’s official: I miss my garden like crazy.

I keep finding myself wishing I could be thinking about perennials for the garden instead of annuals…or even that a garden could be had!

I’ve been dreaming about a big bank of hydrangeas, a row of lavender along the street… Some Japanese maples along the back woods. Of course all of this is taking place at Andra’s house, in my head.

Additionally, the darling bf and I have a plan to guerilla-plant my live Christmas tree at his parents enormous, and virtually treeless, country home.

I definitely have gardening on the brain. Even Pomona wants to sniff out the best plants (above). I have to just keep remembering that patience is a virtue!

Whether you have a garden or not, may you have a wonderful new year, full of flowers!

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One Response to It’s Official: I Really Miss My Garden.

  1. Andra says:

    Happy New Year, Darling! And as you know, or should know–mi casa es su casa–at least as soon as I own mi casa! I’d love any help you could offer–my thumb teeters on greenish-brownish…

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