And We Have a Winner!



I have an accepted offer on this suburban wonderland!  As you can see, it has some good features (it is huge) and bad features (about 30 invasive japanese berberries that need to be destroyed).

I’m pretty sure that my realtor did not believe me when I said the most important feature was the size of the lot.  It is BY FAR the most important- right gardeners?  Who cares what the living room carpet looks like (brown shag)- when I’ll be outside six months a year.  And a finished basement- besides the fact that I’ll never sit in a basement unless a tornado is bearing down on me- irrelevant.  Give me land, lots of land with the starry skies above…

So this land also has some other issues, as you can see from this picture… The splitting evergreens, for one.  Stay tuned as I try to figure out a way to help those grow back together.  This is why you actually have to go outside and knock the snow off your bushes, and if you don’t want to do that, don’t plant them in the first place!

Good features:  a nice yew border along the back patio.  A good sized maple in the front, what looks like a maple in the back as well.  I am planning a shade garden along the west side of the house with a nice magnolia and a lovely new variety of crabapple.

Out front I am pondering hydrangea Incrediball- which supposedly has more sturdy stems than good old Annabelle.  Sturdier stems are definitely welcome and will replace the existing – you guessed it- yews and berberries.

If I had to take a guess, given the contractor-grade house and the contractor-grade landscaping, I will also have to deal with black plastic edging.  Fortunately that is tremendously easy to rip out (as anyone with a lawnmower knows).  I love the guessing that comes from buying a house in Wisconsin in the winter: I HAVE NO IDEA what is actually in this yard under three feet of snow.

Now, of course, being a superstitious person I have to note that I haven’t closed on the house yet, but I am so excited for when I do!

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