Rabbits and Why I Think They are Tasty

Rabbits are the new mice. Not that I used to eat mice (too many bones), but every time I have a chance to order rabbit at a restaurant I do it. Payback’s a …. anyway.

So the rabbits have decimated my new garden, annoyingly. Hordes of them. An entire rabbit colony has taken up residence in the long grass left by the last owners (thanks for that). They have snipped the new hostas, deadheaded the lilies (pre-bloom) and pruned the new viburnum. As in they snipped it off at ground level.

It would be one thing if they were eating it, as the mice do, but nope- I think they just get a savage pleasure of sharpening their teeth on my viburnum.

So, as with all things, here’s my

LIST OF PLANTS RABBITS DON’T LIKE (apparently, as of 8:24 a.m. on Memorial Day):


List of plants Rabbits LIKE:
Verbena Bonarensis

Chrysanthemum Becky

Hostas (any kind will do)

I’m sure we’ll find out more as the season progresses.

I should note that I hate all things rabbit, but when I found a warren of baby bunnies in the front lawn, I didn’t mow over it.  Damn bunnies are so cute.  And as with a lot of  cute things: super-frustrating.

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2 Responses to Rabbits and Why I Think They are Tasty

  1. Aknannie says:

    The bunnies were chomping away once the weather warmed up in June. But the last week (July) they have really devistated my garden. They ate the sedum I planted, right down to the ground. I thought they didnt eat sedum. Same with the new yarrow. Of course they’ve eaten my roses, smaller perenials, even the established shasta daisies. I dont think they really like them, but they cut them off at the base, then leave them on the walk. My biggest surprise was that they decimated my large pot of chives. I thought they didnt eat strong flavored herbs! That said, they dont eat my Bishop’s Weed, lavender or Russian Sage or Hydrangeas. I guess we’ll have a purple garden.
    Supposedly rabbits dont like stuff that hurts their paws. Lime around the edge of the bed; rose branches with thorns dont work…they eat my roses. Plus I can watch the deer eat the beach roses (rosa rugosa) whole. I am wondering if pine needle mulch might be helpful. Anybody know?

  2. gwendolyngarden says:

    I like a tripartite solution: dogs to chase them away, blood meal to discourage them (vegetarians that they are) and chicken wire. Cage the roses, cage the chives. I think there is no rhyme nor reason to their appetites, sometimes I think they just get pleasure from chomping things. Enjoy your purple garden, such as it is.

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